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Kelly / Redmond, WA

“Dr. Aditi is the best dentist I have ever been to. I went to see her when I cracked my tooth, and she performed a root canal on it. I was terrified and she really calmed me down. She was gentle, compassionate, and very kind. Her office staff was also very kind and helpful. The office was clean, and nice. They have drinks available for people who wait, a computer for guests to use, and after the procedure they give you a hot towel to freshen up. I kind of felt like I was at a spa. I high recommend Avondale Smiles to anyone who needs dental care.”

Wendy / Woodinville, WA

“Dr Aditi, you are a pleasure. I have never enjoyed going to the dentist and you make the necessity not only bearable but a pleasure and success. Everything you have done for our family since we arrived in the US a year and a half ago has appeared ‘effortless’. You and your wonderful team (particularly Lisa) motivated our reluctant sons (age 3 and 6) to have their dental checkups regularly without fear, you carried out my root canal work comfortably, made my teeth look lovely by replacing my old silver fillings and provided sound advice on orthodontics and general oral health. All this with no pain or discomfort… and even some laughter to boot! In addition to your technical ability, your customer service skills are second to none and we have never seen you without your smile 🙂 And your extra touches of the kids area & treats, TVs, funky atmosphere and goody bags bring smiles to reflect yours. Thank you for your professionalism and competence. We are so happy we found you.”

Noelle / Redmond, WA

“I recently changed dentists to Dr. Agarwal. I saw the opening of her new clinic and decided to give her a try since I was dissatisfied with my current dentist. I scheduled a cleaning for my husband and I. We were both very happy with the staff and how Dr. Agarwal really did listen to our issues. I had bizarre placement of the nerves in my jaw. My pervious dentist gave up on trying to get me numb and basically told me to suck it up. I quickly started dreading going to the dentist. Dr. Agarwal listened to my woes and said she would figure it out. I needed to replace a crown, and this would be the test of her promise. It did take a bit of time and quite a few shots but Dr. Agarwal found the right place. I got numb for the first time in years. She made detailed notes of the location and she hasn’t missed since! My high anxiety going to dentist no longer exists! Her patience and concern for my welfare is of the utmost priority. She is lovely to be around too!”

Anonymous / Redmond, WA

“Dr. Aditi Agarwal is very professional, understanding and just plain genuine person. I came to Dr. Aditi needing some serious dental work (still in progress), including 3 root canals and a couple of shattered teeth that I was very nervous about. I had a root canal years ago that was a horrible experience to say the least. Dr. Aditi immediately put me at ease. I was overall very unconfident about the condition and health of my teeth, but she didn’t make me feel bad; just gave me the facts and let me know that she was there to help. I’ve only been seeing Dr. Aditi for a couple of months now, but I can tell you that she is very down-to-earth, funny, and easy to get along with. She even provided flexible payment options, as I had a lot of work to get done. Not only is Dr. Aditi an awesome dentist, she’s a great person and friend as well! Go see her, you won’t be disappointed.”

Ashish / Redmond, WA

“We first visited Avondale Smiles few months ago when my 7 years old had to undergo treatment for root canal problems affecting primary (baby) teeth. She is great in the treatment and management of children and adolescents, in growth and development of the teeth and oral structures, and she routinely treat root canal problems affecting primary (baby) teeth. Entire staff at Avondale Smile are very friendly and couteous, great work ethics, excellent facilities. Without doubt in Dr. Aditi we have found a great dentist that we love to go to.”

Patricia / Redmond, WA

“Dr. Agarwal is the best dentist I’ve seen. I’ve had trouble getting numb in the past, which at times has been traumatic for me. She’s made me feel very comfortable, and I’ve been sufficiently numbed for my dental work. I’m now much less anxious about going to the dentist. Dr. Agarwal is also very thorough, and she’s uncovered some things my other dentist missed. Her Saturday hours are very convenient, too. I highly recommend Dr. Agarwal. She will put you at ease.”

Gary / Kirkland, WA

“Dr. Aditi and her entire staff make going to the dentist fun. Their friendly and professional manner puts me at ease and before you know it I’m out of the chair with a smile on my face. Keep up the good work! Gary”

Ankur / Redmond, WA

“Dr. Aditi Agarwal runs a modern set up in a convenient location. I found the care and skill of Dr. Aditi and her assistants to be top notch – the best I have received in the last 20 years. I have been there 3 times – I had waited for a year to get a crown procedure for a cracked tooth that had a root canal performed on it. This was a difficult procedure as the tooth could break easily during grinding. Dr. Aditi, not only got me a great crown but more importantly, did it very accurately – the crown was an exact fit – no grinding was needed after the crown was installed! This finesse is a strong testament to her strong and varied experience and top notch dental education. After most dental procedures, it has taken me a day to recover but this time, I hardly felt any after affects. I had gone to try out Dr. Aditi for my dental cleaning but I was so impressed by the professionalism of the staff and doctor that I have now switched completely for all of my dental care.”

Nigel / Wodinville, WA

“Amazing!. Walked in on the evening before Thanksgiving. Just as they were closing. Tooth in pieces! They all rallied round, helped me. Fixed my tooth and sent me on my way to have agreat Thanksgiving. Thanks Guys, your the best!”