Your First Visit

What should you expect at your first visit to Avenue Smiles? Nothing less than excellence. If you want to increase your health and improve your appearance, you can trust us to give you everything you need.

When you walk through our doors, we will immediately ensure your comfort and well-being. We will begin to get to know you and take notice of your needs and preferences. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our practice or services.

We will then get to work on creating a clean, healthy, and stunning smile for you. Here are the services you can expect on your first day with us:


Our dental team will treat you with a gentle dental cleaning. This dental cleaning will give you fresh breath, clean teeth, and will also ward off decay and disease.


Dr. Garg will administer an examination, carefully looking at your gums and teeth for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or oral cancer. You can tell him about any oral symptoms or sensitivity you have noticed. If any treatment is necessary, Dr. Garg will discuss your options with you.


Using advanced technology, we will get a better look at your mouth structure. We can show and tell you more about the state of your teeth using x-rays. These x-rays will help us detect any problems early, which makes treatment easier, less expensive, and more effective.

Periodontal Charting

At your first visit, we will evaluate the health of your gums using periodontal charting. Using this test, we can tell you if you need any at-home or in-office treatment for healthier gums.

Same Day Treatment

Sometimes, we can offer same day treatment for patients who only schedule an ordinary exam. If Dr. Garg determines that you need a filling or gum disease treatment, we may be able to instantly treat you! We try to make your time with us as convenient and productive as possible.

At your first visit to Avenue Smiles, you should expect a relaxing and successful experience. You should feel at home in our office and know that our team members care for you.

We can’t wait to start improving your health and giving you an extraordinary dental visit. Give us a call today. We would love to find you an open appointment at a time that works well with your schedule.